Plastic Pollution: a Huge risk for the Environment and Human Health

dcabe551cf64ee30e3a9efe54763da5fPlastic is literally omnipresent in our lives today, so much that we could refer to us as the plastic generation. But this material that supported innovation, has two big downsides. Plastic is piling up in the world’s oceans, where five ‘plastic islands’ have been identified. The Pacific Trash Vortex, may be as big as Europe. Also, plastic release micro-particles that dispersed in the water, contaminate fish, entering in the human food chain. Continue reading


Industrial Agriculture, a Deathly Deal for the Marine Ecosystem

Climate change events such as atmospheric warming, the warming of the oceans, sea level rise, ocean acidification, and the increase in the incidence of extreme weather events, are the results of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. What and how is this happening? Continue reading..