Nudging to Fight Littering

copenhagen.pngThis brief article, covers a couple of well-known examples on how to use nudges in the domain of littering: the first is the case of the “Clean Copenhaghen” city campaign; the second is the case of an award-winning campaign in Texas. Continue reading


Nudging Against Food Waste

maxresdefaultOne third of the global food production goes wasted. Can nudging help tackle this issue? Nudges are small interventions designed to steer people in a particular direction. Informed by behavioral economics studies, nudging entails making minor adjustments that influence people’s choices. Continue reading

Behavioral Economics in Public Policy

timthumbResearch by cognitive psychologists and economists has documented a number of systematic deviations in human thinking and decision-making, challenging the traditional assumption that we are rational agents. The insights from behavioral economics are increasingly employed by governments to improve public policies. Continue reading