Here are my main areas of work:


Climate change is among the most important issues facing humanity. It is not just an environmental issue, it also has profound social, economic, and security dimensions. A sustainable world is one in which humans – indeed, all life forms – can flourish indefinitely. This entails cutting the assault on natural resources to stop the loss of biodiversity worldwide, to preserve territories and replenish affected areas, and most importantly to carry out structural and behavioural changes within our societies. A related question driving my interest is, why do one individual behave sustainably and why do the other not? As Marshall McLuhan said “there are no passengers on spaceship earth, we are all crew”. There is often a gap between what people say and what they actually do. I believe much of this happens because we are not completely rational; we are affected by cognitive biases; and often act automatically. Add it to the complex social environment we live in, the stressful life in an urban environment, the lack of proper environmental education, all of which leads us to put our convenience and comfort at the first place, rather than abstract environmental considerations.


Human behaviour is fascinating! For decades, psychologists and neuroscientists have been documenting the broad range of higher mental processes that occur unconsciously. We are guided by a complex behavioural system, and in our everyday life, we are unaware of most of the processes that guide us. The cerebral system has a strong adaptive function, in fact many processes and behaviours can function automatically, which means more efficiently. Moreover, human beings are not fully rational in their reasoning, but subject to simplifications and to a sort of limited rationality. This condition entails a wide range of consequences, that I will widely discuss in my articles.

Food and Agriculture

I believe in the urgency to start moving democratically and ecologically towards practices that respect the environmental boundaries and that ensure an equal and healthier global distribution of food. I have a passion for politics, and you will find in these articles a lot of criticism regarding the ways we produce our food today, and the impact of the agricultural industry on the environment in terms of climate change, ecosystem disruption and biodiversity loss, and the implications for public health.




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