12378001_10154119609495955_2689909618852573298_o2014  |  Currently

PhD candidate at IULM University in Milan. Eupolis Lombardia, the regional body of research, funds my work as ‘High-quality training for technical and scientific support in policy formulation and implementation’.

2014 – 15 | Junior researcher for the Tropical Islands Cluster at EXPO 2015 in Milan. I developed content related to industrial agriculture, and exposed the risks of climate change for the ecosystems of the tropical islands.

2012-13 | MA in Globalisation and Development at the University of Sheffield. Graduation with distinction.

2012 | Internship in London, at the Italian Cultural Institute.

2012 | BA in Public Relations from IULM University in Milan.

Thesis Abroad Faculty Scholarship: three months of field research in Paris for my BA thesis on the topic of sustainable consumption, with collaboration of Good Planet Association.


Victoria Capoferri, Vincenzo Russo (2015) La spinta gentile per ridurre lo spreco alimentare: una disciplina innovativa per la promozione di comportamenti eco-compatibili. In Terzo volume collana “Comunicazione sociale” Pubblicità Progresso

Il Cluster Isole, Mare e Cibo (2015) Catalogo Cluster, Guida Ufficiale Expo Milano 2015, Mondadori


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