Nudging to Fight Littering

copenhagen.pngThis brief article, covers a couple of well-known examples on how to use nudges in the domain of littering: the first is the case of the “Clean Copenhaghen” city campaign; the second is the case of an award-winning campaign in Texas. Continue reading


Eating junk, getting sick: a look on new interventions to solve the issue

The connection between processed food and chronic disease; the rise in the costs of national healthcare systems; the necessity to revise our lifestyle and habits. Several streams of scientific research offer new insights on one of the most primordial human affairs: the relation between people and food. Continue reading

Behavioral Economics in Public Policy

timthumbResearch by cognitive psychologists and economists has documented a number of systematic deviations in human thinking and decision-making, challenging the traditional assumption that we are rational agents. The insights from behavioral economics are increasingly employed by governments to improve public policies. Continue reading