2015 ends with a series of Climate Change Records

The concentration of extreme weather events around the world over this Christmas period shed light and drove talks on climate change.

Worst flooding in 50 years. Paraguay  is the worst hit country, with 130.000 people displaced because of an extreme flooding generated by a natural weather phenomenon called El Niño. El Niño occurs every 7/8 years and is caused by unusually warm water in the Pacific Ocean, and this year’s event is one of the strongest on record.

Worst flooding in Britain. In Yorkshire thousand of houses have been affected by severe flooding, some for the second time in the past few years.

Unusual tornadoes. In the meantime, storms hit the US South, Southwest and Midwest, killing 43 people. Tornadoes generally occur in spring and summer in the US central states and occur less frequently in winter.

Warmest Christmas ever. Newyorkers are enjoying exceptionally high temperature for December, as El Niño fuelled high temperatures.

Fire in California, Spain and Australia. In sourthen California 1.200 acres are burning, while in Australia a major bushfire tore apart 116 homes. It is not understood yet whether the fires that unseasonably hit also northern and central Spain were caused by El Niño’s heat wave.


Fire near Ventura, California. Photograph: Ryan Cullom/Associated Press

2015 was sprinkled by worsening climate change events. Not to mention that climate change also exacerbated Syria’s already existent water crisis, furthering tensions of the ongoing the civil war. Climate experts say that Syria is a preview of what could happen in the larger Middle East, in the Mediterranean and other areas of the world. Tensions already rose among neighboring countries (i.e Syria, Iraq, and Turkey) and hydrologists say that the nations must identify solutions now, such as recycling wastewater or introducing desalination, and developing ways to share their scarce water resources.